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Google Maps: Driving Directions Using Query String Parameters

Passing few query string parameters can land the user on the Google Maps Page with Driving Directions.


f: stands for “form” and controls the style of query form to be displayed.
f=d: Displays the “directions” form (two input boxes: from, to).
saddr: “saddr” source address. Use this when asking for driving directions.
daddr: “daddr” Destination address(es). Use this when asking for driving directions.

More detailed article on the Google Maps Query Strings:

JS Bin is a webapp specifically designed to help JavaScript and CSS folk test snippets of code, within some context, and debug the code collaboratively.

JS Bin allows you to edit and test JavaScript and HTML (reloading the URL also maintains the state of your code – new tabs doesn’t). Once you’re happy you can save, and send the URL to a peer for review or help. They can then make further changes saving anew if required.

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I’m using since a long time an excellent webapp to test bits of code in xhtml / css / javascript / jquery / json and more instantly.